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*Correct as of 4 September 2020*

The following protocols and procedures, which has enabled the thoroughbred racing industry to successfully continue to operate, dealing with the management of Covid-19 restrictions and regulations apply to industry related activities conducted in the thoroughbred racing industry in South Australia for which TRSA has responsibility from a regulatory perspective.

  1. Attendance at “Racing Activities” are restricted.

  2. Only Essential Racing Personnel are allowed to be present at “Racing Activities” in the designated racing activity areas on a race course at race meetings, official trials, jump-outs and track work – TRSA issued an official direction in this regard on 26/3/2020.

  3. All Essential Racing Personnel are temperature tested at race meetings and official trials, on arrival at a venue, by a recognised third party medical service provider and records of the temperature testing are maintained.

  4. The temperature testing, referred to in (2) above, is supported by a “Work Instruction” arrangement between the third party provider and TRSA and the provider also follows a Covid-19 Screening Flow Chart. The threshold temperature which triggers further enquiry relating to Epidemiological Criteria and Clinical Criteria, is set at 37.5 degrees Celsius.

  5. All Essential Racing Personnel are issued with a wrist band after temperature testing to ensure visual identification indicating compliance with temperature testing requirements.

  6. For the purpose of contact tracing all trainers are required to nominate, in advance, the names of their staff (stable employees) who would be attending race meetings, and those details are recorded and monitored by TRSA.

  7. General public attending a racing venue are not allowed to cross over to Essential Racing Personnel occupied areas.

  8. Social distancing of 1.5 metres is required and applies to all Essential Racing Personnel - TRSA issued an official direction in this regard on 26/3/2020.

  9. To assist with social distancing observance, TRSA deploys resources to monitor and ensure compliance at events such as race meetings and official trials.

  10. All full time TRSA Stewards completed a Covid-19 Aware Professional Education Program and hold a certificate as a Covid Marshal.

  11. To further assist with social distancing observance, all race clubs are required to place appropriate markings on identified floor spaces 1.5 metres apart to ensure compliance.

  12. Rooms utilised by jockeys at race meetings are monitored and managed to ensure social distancing and special requirements are met.

  13. Jockeys are “mounted up” in the mounting yard by designated Essential Racing Personnel, who wear gloves, and trainers are not allowed to fulfil this functionality.

  14. The use of the Spa by jockeys at Morphettville is not permitted and the Spa is not currently commissioned.

  15. Where State/Border regulations permit, interstate participants are allowed to participate in the local industry subject to strict 14 day self-isolation protocols introduced by TRSA.

  16. In certain circumstances TRSA introduced limitations/restrictions in respect of the number of horses which may compete in an event/race.

  17. Horse loading into the barrier stalls for any race follow a procedure which includes all horse with an even barrier being loaded first, and only thereafter are horses with an uneven barrier number loaded into the barrier stalls. Barrier attendants working at the barrier stalls wear gloves.

  18. TRSA has in place a “Horse Movement Protocol” which provides regulations in respect of horses being transported into South Australia from an interstate jurisdiction. The introduction of this protocol followed consultation with the SAPOL Covid-19 Coordination Group.

  19. Horse float parking at racing venues are appropriately identified and managed to ensure only Essential Racing Personnel are present.

  20. Appropriate periodical cleaning, of identified areas utilised by Essential Racing Personnel, is conducted during the course of an event by dedicated staff.

  21. Hand sanitising provisions are available at venues in areas utilised by Essential Racing Personnel.

  22. Food supplies to Essential Racing Personnel are provided in a manner which avoids communal handling.

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