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Owners' Second Chance Draw

Each horse that has started in a SA Metropolitan Saturday meeting will go into the draw to win a share in $27,000.

The year will be broken down into six two month periods. With one horse drawn out from each period. The owner/s of each horse drawn out will take home $4,500*.

Owners receive one automatic "entry" in the draw for every start at a SA Metropolitan Saturday meeting.

The six draws will be held throughout the year after each corresponding two month period.

The 6 x 2 month periods are August-September, October-November, December-January, February-March, April-May and June-July

In each two-month periods there are usually 8 or 9 weekends of racing and there will be one starter from each Saturday in that period.

Each horse drawn will receive a runner in a nominated race the weekend following the end of the period. The corresponding horse that is first past the post, will win their owners $4.5k.

*Should there be more than one owner of a winning horse each owner will receive the % of the $4,500 that corresponds to their % ownership of the horse.