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Administration Careers

Administration/Track Management 

Role  Description Training Opportunities
Steward A steward oversees all aspects of horse racing and wagering to ensure that the rules of racing are adhered to.
  • Racing and industry experience required
  • On the job training required
Racing Administrator

A number of administrative roles exist that support the operation of racing clubs and the racing industry.
Possible careers:

  • Accountant/Finance Officer
  • Club Secretary/Manager
  • IT Manager
  • Certificate IV in Racing Services (Racing Administration).
  • Certificate III in Racing Services (Racing Administration).
  • Certificate IV in Book Keeping
  • Certificate III & IIV in Business Administration
Track Work & Facilities Supervisor A track work supervisor monitors horse training operations and ensures that all personnel on the track are licensed and that OHS procedures are adhered to.
  • First Aid Certificate
  • Racing/Industry Experience
Track Maintenance Trainees and Staff A role in track maintenance involves maintaining the upkeep of the race track, grounds and facilities at a racecourse.
  • Horticulture or Agriculture experience
  • Certificate III/ IV in Sports Turf Management
Racecourse Manager A racecourse manager is responsible for the management of the race track to make sure it provides a safe and fair surface for racing.
  • Certificate III/ IV in Sports Turf Management
  • Racing/Industry Experience