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Other Racing Careers

Role  Description Training Opportunities
Clerk of Scales  The clerk of scales oversees the pre-race weighing out and weighing in of jockeys.
  • Racing and industry experience required.
  • On the job training.
Clerk of Course The clerk of the course monitors and assists horses getting to the barriers and assists during emergency situations.
  • Certificate III in Racing (Track Rider).
Jockey Manager  A jockey manager works as a booking agent, securing the best rides for their client as well as providing them with advice on form and tactics for their corresponding rides.
  • No specific courses for this role.
  • Skill Set training/training components
Starter  The starter ensures that races are run efficiently, on time and safely.
  • Racing and industry experience required.
  • On the job training.
Marketing & Social Media The marketing and social media team are in charge of promoting upcoming racedays, providing live raceday updates and promoting the sport of racing.
  • Bachelor Degree in Marketing or Communications
Handicapper A handicapper is responsible for setting the weight horses carry in a race.
  • Certificate IV in Racing Services (Racing Administration).
Judge A judge on race day determines official placings in a race.
  • Racing experience required.
  • On the job training.
Race Programmer A race programmer develops all race programming, analyses statistics relating to race programs. They provide recommendations to improve the overall racing calendar, which includes development of race series, process improvements, race condition analysis and black type upgrade targets.
  • On the job training.
Race Caller Employed by television and radio stations, a race caller calls the race and race trials.
  • No specific training but industry experience and broadcasting favourable.
Form Analyst A form analyst studies the form of each race and provides an expert opinion on where a horse should sit in the run. They then select a winner or provide a betting strategy for each race based on their calculations.
  • Racing/Industry Experience