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National Apprentice Series Heat 2 Results - Ascot, Western Australia

Heat 1 - Tasmania 4 March

Wednesday March 4 saw the first round of the National Apprentice Race Series (NARS).

Home-state Tasmania took the early series lead – when Lanish Luximon won the first race on Queen’s Needs.

South Australian rider Sophie Logan picked up two point.

The series now moves to Western Australia’s Ascot track next Wednesday, when Lachlan Neindorf will represent South Australia. 

Heat 2 - Western Australia 11 March

Queensland has taken the lead after the second round of the National Apprentice Race Series (NARS) in Perth on Wednesday 11 March.

Adin Thompson won the designated race on Picture Perfect, prepared by gun WA trainer Adam Durrant, to put Queensland on top of the ladder with 12 points.

Tasmania is in second place on 10 points, ahead of Northern Territory, which picked up five points at Ascot when Dan Morgan rode roughie Wee Ripper into second spot.

Lachie Neindorf rode for South Australia at Ascot.

The series now moves to Queensland next week, with Kyla Crowther to represent South Australia.


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