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James Jordan's Morphettville Parks Track Report & Speed Maps

With nine races tomorrow on the Parks track at Morphettville, we've got key info from's James Jordan. James has walked the track, and provided speed maps for each and every race. 


Winning Post - 1500m: very little difference across the track in this area. Wear is minimal and it walks in the 5-5.5 range.

1500m-800m (back straight): again the wear is only very light with the occasional spot of sandfill. No meaningful advantage in any lane and grass coverage is good albeit quite dormant. Walked in the 5-5.5 range.

1300m chute: no lanes of note and wear and tear is also minimal compared to the straight and entrance to it. Felt slightly more moisture in the track in this area, thought it was in the 5.5-6 range.

900m-400m: the inside lane has more wear than the wider lanes through the 3m rail movement from last meeting. I thought lanes 2 and 3 were the pick of them as lanes 4,5,6 felt softer under foot from previous traffic. Wear is more noticeable across the track as you get closer to the turn, once again in the 5.5 range.

400m - Winning Post: lane 1 has slightly more wear and I felt it was marginally inferior to lanes 2 and 3. The difference evens out inside the final 100m but I'd still rather be just off the fence in the straight as a whole. Thought lanes 4 and 5 were inferior here too but outside of that it wasn't too bad. The surface in the straight is quite tired and you can tell it's had a fair bit of racing of late. I thought it was in the 6.5 range but with no rain forecast hopefully it gets closer to a 5.

Verdict: Only area of difference is from the 800m to the post, I felt lanes 2 and 3 would be an advantage with the inside lane having slightly more wear and lanes 4 and 5 walking in the softer range. Won't surprise me if it's hard to loop wider than lane 3.


Click here for speed maps for each and every race on the Morphettville Parks card.

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