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James Jordan's Morphettville Parks Track Report and Speed Maps's James Jordan has walked the Morphettville Parks track ahead of tomorrow's meeting. Check out a track report, as well as speed maps for each of the nine races right here.


Winning Post-1500m: coverage in this area is quite good with very little marking to speak of. Can't find much difference between inside and outside but perhaps slightly better in lanes 1-3. Evidence of some verti-draining in parts but nothing that will have an impact.

1500m-1000m (back straight): very similar to the side in that there isn't much marking and coverage is quite good across the track. No lanes of note, walked in the Soft 5 range but with the overnight rain it would be well into the 6 now.

1300m-1000m (chute): coverage is very good and even across. The parts of the track where horses are running in straight lines are usually always in good condition barring barrier placement. Was also in the Soft 5 range but would no doubt be well into the 6 already.

1000m-400m: walks cleaner and more consistently close to the fence. Beyond lane 3 has more wear and sandfill in this section of the track. Particularly from the 800m mark I felt the inside lanes would be an edge, at least early. I'm expecting it to be hard to peel wide and make ground here. 

400m-Winning Post: the contrast between the inside lanes and outside lanes is not as dramatic in the straight. The inside 2 lanes are more consistent and coverage is fresh but it may retain moisture a little more. I still think it will be the place to be for a large part of the meeting.

Verdict: The Parks track usually favours horses that settle on speed or can corner close to the fence. It's less pronounced with the rail in the True position (18 meetings since 2019 and I have half being fair and half being on-pace/hard to swoop) but when you walk the track you're looking for reasons why it won't play as expected. I thought there would be an advantage to horses either on-pace or racing in inside lanes, at least early. There's been significant rain since I walked it but expecting it to be in the Soft 7/Heavy 8 range depending on rain between now and raceday.

*Track walked at 4:30pm Thursday


Speed maps for all races at Morphettville Parks tomorrow can be found here


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