Empower Your Future with MAS Benchmark 62 Handicap gear changes

Barrier Last 10 Horse Sex Age Trainer Changes
4 2x78x4113x
Three Tears
M 4 Peter Hardacre Kyneton Nose Band FIRST TIME, Tongue Tie OFF FIRST TIME
11 7634x93220
G 5 Darryl Carrison Ear Muffs (Pre-Race Only) FIRST TIME
2 169234x
Taipan Tommy
G 6 Nicole Irwin Bubble Cheeker (Near Side) FIRST TIME, Tongue Control and Lugging Bit OFF FIRST TIME, Tongue Control Bit FIRST TIME
- 80x265187x
Wicked Whitt
M 5 John Hickmott & Carrina Riggs Tongue Tie FIRST TIME