Terry Howe Printing Maiden Plate gear changes

Barrier Last 10 Horse Sex Age Trainer Changes
10 7x56x0
G 3 Gordon Richards & Damien Moyle Ear Muffs OFF FIRST TIME
14 39
Vampire Slayer
M 4 Kerri McAnulty & Clint Binnie Ear Muffs OFF FIRST TIME, Lugging Bit AGAIN, Tongue Control and Lugging Bit OFF FIRST TIME, Winkers FIRST TIME
4 037
It's All Gossip
M 6 Garret Lynch Blinkers FIRST TIME
5 57x
Nancy May
M 5 Robert Schultz Ear Muffs (Pre-Race Only) FIRST TIME
11 5
G 4 Michael Hickmott Winkers FIRST TIME
- -
In The Darkness
F 3 Michael Hickmott Cheekers FIRST TIME, Ear Muffs (Pre-Race Only) FIRST TIME