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Stewards Official Direction: Restricted Access Covid-19


Thoroughbred Racing SA (TRSA) Stewards note that a number of measures have been introduced by TRSA in recent weeks to ensure the thoroughbred racing industry in South Australia meets Federal and State government regulations relating to COVID-19. One of those measures is that all thoroughbred activities (Racing Activities) are restricted to Essential Racing Personnel only.

Racing Activities are defined as:

Race Meetings

Training (including track work)

All forms of trials and jump outs

Trainers Stables and Spelling Properties

Essential Racing Personnel (as approved by TRSA) are defined as:

TRSA stewards/veterinarians, and Ambulance services

Trainers, jockeys and stablehands with a runner at the race meeting, trial or training facility

Barrier attendants, starters and essential track staff

Clerks of the course, Judges and photo finish operators

Weighing room staff and jockeys’ attendants

Raceday event staff and security including horse stalls, mounting yards and float carpark

Farriers and other essential service providers approved by TRSA in conjunction with the Club

Broadcast services including the racecaller

Restricted core racing media as approved by TRSA and the Club

Restricted operational TRSA and Race Club staff and management

For the avoidance of doubt, “Training” as an activity includes horses being presented at a training facility, whether at a Race Club or otherwise, for the purpose of being trained, which also includes the horse participating in track work. It is noted that during “Training” only Essential Racing Personnel, as applicable, may attend a training facility. That means that the owner of a horse presented for “Training” may NOT attend the training facility under any circumstances unless that owner is currently registered as a Stable Employee AND is actively engaged working for the racing stable concerned and is involved in strapping a horse so presented.

TRSA Stewards provide notice of an official direction under the rules of racing. The direction being:

“Any person, including but not limited to, an owner of a racehorse, who is not covered under the definition of “Essential Racing Personnel” must not attend any Racing Activity”.

The direction will be effective immediately. TRSA Stewards further provide notice that any person who breaches the direction will be subject to a significant fine and note that under the rules of racing Stewards may impose fines of up to $100000. It should also be noted that nothing in this notice derogates from the powers of Stewards to either suspend of disqualify any person who breaches this direction. Note: Australian Rules of Racing, AR232(b) states “A person must not fail or refuse to comply with an order, direction or requirement of the Stewards or an official”, and AR16(b)(ii) states “Without limiting any other PRA powers, a PRA has the following powers in relation to disciplining and/or penalising a person: to penalise any person who disobeys any reasonable direction of any official”.

Johan Petzer

Chairman of Stewards TRSA 26 March 2020

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