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James Jordan's Saturday Speed Maps + Track Report

We head to Gawler for Saturday racing tomorrow, and's James Jordan has your key info for a big day of racing.


Winning Post-1500m: Not a lot to report here, there's some minor wear across lanes 1 and 2 but nothing that will have any impact on the racing. The coverage is solid and it walked like a Good 4 but hadn't been irrigated at that stage.

1500m-800m: This section walks well with the rail out a couple of metres from the last meeting. The coverage is very good and there's a thick pad of grass under foot. There are a couple of minor spots of wear in lane 1 at the 1000m and 800m marks but I don't think it will have any material effect. Walked a Good 4.

800m-400m: There was more moisture in the surface here courtesy of having been watered already. There is some minor marking, slightly more concentrated towards the fence but doesn't walk much slower. I thought the section between the 550m and 400m was moderately inferior towards the fence and it may be an advantage to be slightly wider. Walked a '4' but with genuine give in it. 

400m-Winning Post: Very little to report in this section. I felt it was very even across and couldn't find any lanes of advantage. Walked a Good 4. 

Verdict: Overall the track is in very good shape. There was some irrigation to come but I think it will race as a genuine Good 4 to start with and probably remain at that rating for a large part of the day despite the hot conditions. I'm expecting to see swoopers in the finish with slightly better going in lanes 3 and beyond for a small section before the entrance to the straight. The straight walked evenly though so I'm not forecasting any edge in that part of the track. Looking forward to betting at the meeting.

Track walked at 2pm Thursday, 20 December 2022. 


Speed maps for all races can be found here.


Click here to view full fields and form for Saturday's meeting.

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