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Rawiller returns to SA

Talented apprentice Campbell Rawiller is making a return to the South Australian riding ranks.

Rawiller made Adelaide home back in January with success riding 25 winners in his first four months before moving back home to Melbourne at the end of July.

But after limited opportunities in Melbourne, Rawiller has made the decision to transfer SA permanently hoping that this commitment will allow him to gain more rides.

“I needed a break after the Adelaide winter and wanted to come home and spend some time at the property I purchased in Victoria,’’ Rawiller said.

“I wasn’t really enjoying my riding there towards the end, but I have spent the past couple of months watching a lot of replays and analysing my riding which I hadn’t been doing,’’ he said.

Rawiller said he’s also spent the past few weeks focusing on maintaining a healthy riding weight without putting stress on his body.

“I’ve been up in Cairns doing a lot of hiking and fitness work trying to get my weight management where I want it to be to return,’’ Rawiller said.

“I’m probably coming back to Adelaide about 7kg lighter than when I left,’’ he said.

And with a year to run on his apprenticeship the son of star jockey Nash is hoping his second coming in Adelaide could be a permanent one.

“Adelaide is where I feel where I am best suited as a jockey,’’ Rawiller said.

“I’m glad to be going back with Ryan (Balfour) who was such a great support to me when I was there earlier in the year.

“I’d really like to make Adelaide home for the next few years,’’ he said.

And Rawiller said he’s keener than ever to get back riding winners.

“I really want to focus on putting the work in,’’ Rawiller said.

“I’m going to manage my own rides and I think that can really help me as a rider chasing the right horses for me.

“I’m keen to push everywhere I can, I’m going to ride at Port Lincoln this season as well which will be good,’’ he said.

Rawiller will be back in SA on Sunday with his first ride at Murray Bridge aboard local Whiskey ‘N’ Women for local horseman Jordan Frew.

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