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#ThoroughCareMonth: The story keeps on going for Flow Meter

It’s been almost a year since Flow Meter last raced and he’s “happy as Larry” in retirement on co-trainer Carrina Riggs' Murray Bridge farm.

The timeless warrior has formed an inseparable bond with his paddock mate, and looks like he’s fit enough to still race.

“He probably does (miss racing),” said Riggs who worked with the soon to be 14 year old throughout his 200 race career.

“You see him tear around here a couple of days with the girlfriend. She’s a half to Magic Max. If he could he would come back into work but unfortunately he can’t.

“The other horse is Flow Meter’s girlfriend. We nursed her back from a cut leg and they got on pretty much straight away. They’ve been good friends ever since,” she said.

“He has been out here before spelling, so this was like a second home for him so he’s settled in really well to this life, and having us around who he knows pretty well has helped with the process as well.”

Riggs has been close with Flow Meter virtually all his life, getting to know him when co-trainer John Hickmott took him on as a yearling in 2011. Little did they know that the slow maturing horse would eventually amass 20 race wins and close to $800,000 in prize money.

“How much do I love this horse?,” gushed Riggs.

“There is no answer on that one, there is not a price tag in the world. If anything would ever happen to him don’t come near me.

“He’s such a gentleman, a character, a funny old man. Just one of those horses you wouldn’t get again.

“He’s loved by so many and still is loved by so many. You can do anything with him.

“There are still quite a few people that ask about him when we go to the races. And I get a few messages on Facebook asking about him as well. There’s a few people that like to keep up to date on how he’s doing.”

“Every now and then I might jump on him, but at this point he is just going to be a paddock dad and be here forever.

“We’ve got some yearlings, some babies we’ve got to wean shortly so that’ll be his next job to look after the young ones and teach them what it’s all about,” she said.

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