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#ThoroughCareMonth: Assistance pack milestone for Thorough Care SA

Thorough Care SA has distributed its 500th Retired Thoroughbred Racehorse Assistance Package. Five-year-old gelding Arthur which raced under the name Friendly Ghost, and his new owner Bella Masters, received the pack at his new home in Mylor.

Prolific show jumper Bella has grand plans for her much loved ex-racehorse.

“He’s been off the track for three weeks now and we’ve had him for those three weeks since he retired and he came straight here from Kirsten Mooney,” she said.

“He’s been perfect, he gets along with his little mate in the paddock. He never strays very far from her. And he’s been really super to ride. I’ve been able to go on with him straight away, so he’s settling into me and I’m getting used to him as well.

“I’m hoping to show jump him. I know that Kirsten did some show jumping with him beforehand and he’s taken to that pretty well, and I’ve got some high hopes for him as he looks like he wants to do it. He doesn’t feel nervous or anything as he’s used to the arena because he knows what he’s doing, and I can move on from what she (Kirsten’s) already done. It just makes my job easier,” said Bella.

The Thorough Care SA Assistance pack includes supplements from Hygain, a Caribu alpine rug courtesy of PETstock, cryotherapy treatment from Apex Therapy, access to Horse Records - a horse management software to keep track of medical history, and subsidised vet care from HorseMedSA and Roseworthy Veterinary Hospital.

Racing SA’s Equine Welfare Coordinator Keely Rayson says demand continues to grow for the Thorough Care packs which Racing SA’s welfare arm launched two years ago.

“It’s extremely exciting to reach that milestone number of 500, because that means we’ve been able to supply owners and their new thoroughbreds not only the education but some free products to get them started as well,” said Keely.

“It’s so nice to see horses like Arthur find homes with people like Bella. During his time racing Kirsten Mooney did a really good job taking him out, exposing him to new places. She would take him show jumping and to different places which not only helped him as a race horse, it keeps their interest up and helps in rehoming them when they’ve finished their career.”

Initially Thorough Care SA budgeted on giving out 200 assistance packs per year, but they’ve proved so popular that the forecast has increased by 25 percent.

“The demand is huge. Sometimes we receive up to five applications a day,” said Keely.

“We are currently bordering on 90 percent of all retired thoroughbreds in South Australia applying or receiving a pack which just means the thorough care family is growing, and it’s just getting bigger and more popular, and the pack is just constantly growing and getting better as we go on,” she said.

Requests for Retired Thoroughbred Racehorse Assistance packages can be made on the website:

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