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Thorough Care SA November Sponsorship Results

November Sponsorship Results:

November is often one of the busiest times on the event calendar. With events of all disciplines spread over each weekend, it was another month highlighting thoroughbreds in their careers after racing.

Mountain Pony Club One Day Event – 4th & 5th of November

The Mountain Pony Club hosted their annual One Day Event on the 4th and 5th of November. The well supported event saw riders travel from all over SA to compete.                                                                  

The Thorough Care SA Highest Placed Bred to Race Thoroughbred in each grade were as follows:

Grade 1/ Open 105cm - Elle Humphries on Babingtons Revenge                                                                     

Race name: Little Joes (Encosta De lago/Golden Tulip) 10:0-0-0 $250


Grade 2 / Open 95cm Julie Gilbert on Remakable Me

Race Name: Remarkable Me (Barely a Moment/remarkable miss) 0:0-0-0 $0


Grade 3/ Open 80cm - Candice Prior on Coogee Dancer

Race Name: Coogee Dancer (Epaulette/Bit Tiddly) 11 Starts 0-0-1 $5,410


Grade 4/ Open 65cm - Ester Harrington on Able Man

Race Name: Able Man (Choisir/Astonish (GB) 2 Starts 0-0-0 $825


Grade 5/ Open 50cm - Louise Allen on Hidden Warrior

Race Name: Hidden Warrior (Hidden Dragon/Marcovette) 39 Starts 5-4-2 $413,530 


Grade 6/ Open 35cm - Kimberly Hughes on MB Parkinson

Race Name: Parkinson (Host (CHI)/ Play Mizzty For Me (CAN) 14 Starts 1-2-1 $20,650


Morphett Vale Riding Club - Onkaparinga Dressage Championships - 5th of November

The Morphett Vale Riding Club host a series of shows and events throughout the year, one of which was the Onkaparinga Dressage Championships.

Kristy Green and her beautiful thoroughbred, Cambiaso were the winners of the Thorough Care SA sponsored prize for the Best Performed Bred to Race Thoroughbred.                                                                                                                                                                           

Race Name: Cambiaso (More Than Ready (USA)/Flying Alpha) 12 Starts 1-0-0 $72,460


South Australia Jumping Championships - 10th - 12th of November

Jumping South Australia Held their annual State Jumping Championships at Talunga Park in Mount Pleasant from the 10th - 12th of November. Thoroughbreds made their mark throughout the event, with Katie Clark and her gelding Katelle Grand, and Jan Macpherson and her mare Tik of Approval taking out the Thorough Care SA High Point awards for Bred to Race Thoroughbreds in rings 1 and 2 respectively.

Ring 1 High Point Bred to Race Thoroughbred - Katie Clark & Katelle Grand                                                                          

Race Name: Easy Grand (Hotel Grand/Shack) 9 Starts. 1-0-1 $15,023


Ring 2 High Point Bred to Race Thoroughbred - Jan Macpherson & Tik Of Approval


Race Name: Tik of Approval (Sirius Slew/Private Time) 0 Starts. 0-0-0 $0


Mount Gambier Horse Trials – 18th & 19th of November

For the first time since 2019, the Mount Gambier Horse Trials was back on the South Australian Eventing calendar. With horses and riders travelling from around SA as well as interstate, thoroughbreds were seen across almost every classes.                                                                                                    

The Thorough Care SA Best Performed Bred to Race Thoroughbreds were:

Callum Morrison Constructions CCN**1/2-S - Audrey Nicolai and Insidious Ghost                                                                    

Race Name: Spook Attack (Ferocity/Rem Bem Booee (NZ) 1 Starts. 0-0-0 $0


City of Mount Gambier CCN*-S - Kaitlin Teichert and Tenacious Red (Winner)                                                         

Race Name: Tenacious Red (Ferocity/Jibena) 4 Starts. 0-0-0 $0


Crocker Engineering EvA95 - Casey Williams and Kiongozi                                                                                                   

Race Name: Kiongozi (Crowded House (GB)/Tokaleya) 1 Starts. 0-0-0 $0


District Council of Grant EvA80 - Natalie Mitchell and Alpha Auriga                                                                                              

Race Name: Alpha Auringa (Northern Meteor/Bourgogne) 66 Starts. 10-5-5 $123,249


Equi-It EvA65 - Indy Berden and MB Parkinson (Winner)                                                                                                                

Race Name: Parkinson (Host (CHI)/ Play Mizzty For Me (CAN) 14 Starts 1-2-1 $20,650


Flooring Xtra EvA50 - Louise Allen, Hidden Warrior (Winner)                                                                         

Race Name: Hidden Warrior (Hidden Dragon/Marcovette) 39 Starts 5-4-2 $413,530


South Eastern Dressage Association – Limestone Coast Classic - 18th & 19th of November

The South Eastern Dressage Association celebrated their 40th anniversary by holding the 2023 Limestone Coast Classic. The winner of the Thorough Care SA Best Performed Bred-to-race Thoroughbred was Smashing Jewel ridden by Colleen Budija.


Jim Dunn Memorial Show - 18th & 19th of November.

Hosted by the Strathalbyn Showjumping Club, the annual Jim Dunn Memorial Show was recently held at the Strathalbyn Polo Grounds. With three classes for Bred-to-race thoroughbreds being a 1.0m, 1.05m and a 1.1m it was exciting to see some familiar names succeeding in their life after racing.


Class 1b Thorough Care Off The Track 1.0m

  • 1st Ruby Vears – Angels Chant (Race Name: Angels Chant (Rock Hero/Entango (NZ)) 1 Start. 0-0-0 $0.
  • 2nd Trudi Day – Riverside My Mugatea (Race Name: Mugatea (Mugharreb (USA)/Venteax) 4 Starts. 0-0-1 $680
  • 3rd Alisha Klitscher – Mighty Mox (Race Name: Mighty Mox (El Moxie (USA)/Shehnaaz) 13 Starts. 0-3-0 $2,965

Class 2b Thorough Care SA Off The Track 1.05m

  • 1st Ruby Vears - Angels Chant
  • 2nd Trudi Day - Riverside My Mugatea
  • 3rd Alisha Klitscher - Might Mox

Class 3b Thorough Care SA Off The Track 1.1m

  • 1st Alisha Klitscher Tyranosaurus Rex (Race Name: Mr Vanesta (Campo Catino(IRE)/ Evangelista) 5 Starts. 0-0-0 $750.
  • 2nd Briony Temby – The Magic Man (Race Name: Langkawi (Foxwedge/Bikini Star) 10 Starts. 1-0-0 $7,150.


Milang Horse Trials - 25th & 26th of November

The November edition of the 2023 Milang Horse Trials was a success as per usual. Thorough Care SA sponsored the awards for the highest place Bred-to-Race Thoroughbred in each grade. The recipients of the awards were:                                           

CCN 1* - Jaimie Stichel and Toto Wolf J

Race Name: Offshore Banker (Krupt/Summer Haven) 0 Starts. 0-0-0 $0      


EvA95 - Annabel Manifold and On Face Value                                                                                            

Race name: On Face Value (Face Value/Rapid Dent) 44 Starts. 6-4-5 $181,660


EvA80 - Lisa Cowling and Dawns Conquest                                                                                                   

Race Name: East Cape (Dawn Approach (IRE)/St Gilgen) 8 Starts. 0-0-1 $4,180


EvA65 - Leena Blows and Uncle Leo                                                                                                                           

Race Name: Uncle Leo (Americain (USA)/Roscrea Rose) 4 Starts. 0-0-1 $3,525


Northern Hack and Halter - 26th of November

Hosted by the South Australian Buckskin Association Inc, the Northern Hack and Halter Show is always a well-attended event with a huge list of breed classes on offer. It was brilliant to see so many thoroughbreds in attendance whether they were recently retired, or seasoned show horses.

Supreme Led Thorough Care SA Exhibit – Dominos and Erin Bradshaw                                                                                                    

Race Name: Deeling Us In (Dundeel (NZ)/Darkling) 20 Starts. 0-3-3 $21,690


Supreme Ridden Thorough Care SA Exhibit - Svetski and Alissa Klingberg                                                                        

Race Name: Svetski (Universal Prince/She’s In Control) 35 Starts. 5-2-2 $53,455

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