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New Strathalbyn Racing Club CEO excited to commence

The new Chief Executive Officer of Strathalbyn Racing Club Trevor Taylor is excited about taking charge of a key racecourse in South Australia and working in such a beautiful part of the world.

Trevor’s moved back to SA from the Hunter Valley where he was the General Manager of the Muswellbrook Race Club. 

“Strathalbyn is a really exciting place full of equine lovers and there’s no doubt the horse fraternity is extremely strong in the area,” said Trevor.

“It’s a very nice climate and a lovely little racecourse and I think it’s got huge potential because of its location. The racecourse is in a very convenient area, and the climate and conditions for horses are excellent.

“With this position came a chance to relocate back to South Australia. Both my daughters are here so I’m very fortunate to now have my whole family in SA.

“We’re living in the Barossa and it’s a beautiful drive to Strathalbyn, and there’s no doubt we’ll be looking at property close by to the racecourse that’s got some acreage. My wife breeds Australian Stock Horses so if we can get some nice acreage in the equine heart of South Australia that will be lovely,” he said.

Trevor grew up in a racing family in South Africa and worked as a Senior Stipendiary Steward, controlling and chairing horseracing before moving to Australia in 2009.

Along with an MBA degree in Strategic Business Management and studying Sustainable and Disruptive Strategy at Harvard Business School, Trevor has previously served as the Chairman of Australia Marketing Institute (AMI) in South Australia. He also introduced a lucrative loyalty program during his time as Marketing Manager at the Adelaide Casino.

As the GM of Muswellbrook Race Club Trevor launched their successful EQUUS Membership Club. He also worked on the new $6 million multipurpose conference centre with Racing New South Wales

“I grew up overseas and was a Steward myself for 10 years. My brother Harold Taylor was a professional jockey in the Jeff Lloyd era and he’s now working as a Steward in WA.

“I’ve also worked in a trainer’s stable so I’ve ridden track work but I got too heavy to be a jockey, so I understand a little bit about the equine industry and horses and I think that’s helped me in the industry.

“When you do a morning pre- race safety track inspection for example you have a better understanding of a 500kg horse travelling at 60 kilometres per hour, and at the end of the day you try and produce the safest track you can for jockeys, in sometimes adverse weather conditions,” said Trevor.

“Above all I love the industry and I’ve got a very good relationship with Barend Vorster and his family,  who’s live in the Barossa and some of the other trainers like Dean and Gary Alexander who’ve just come across.

“I look forward in working with my board of Directors, Racing SA, Trainers, Members, Jockeys, and all Equine Stakeholders in growing Strathalbyn Racing Club,” he said.

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