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Trainer: Des Courtney

Based out of Port Lincoln, SA.


Name Age Colour Sex Last race
Relaxed 8 BROWN Gelding Sun 01/05/2022
Givepeace a Chance 6 BAY OR BROWN Gelding Sun 01/05/2022
Fire Thunder 5 BAY OR BROWN Mare Sat 26/03/2022
Brazen Head 4 BAY Mare Sun 27/02/2022
Bloomin' Johnney 3 CHESTNUT Gelding Fri 10/12/2021
Neva Doubt Us 8 BAY Gelding Sun 22/03/2020
Keep Digging 10 BAY OR BROWN Gelding Sat 14/03/2020
Nippy Lippy 9 BAY Mare Wed 06/11/2019
Put Debeers On Bar 6 BAY OR BROWN Mare Sun 27/10/2019
Spine Schiller 11 BAY OR BROWN Gelding Wed 07/11/2018