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Eran really does ‘Love the Horse’

Eran Boyd’s genuine love for horses – especially the two she keeps at home – was beamed out to a wide audience last week.

Eran featured on’s Love the Horse initiative – a month-long celebration of thoroughbreds that aims to highlight the many unique and important stories that promote caring for racehorses throughout their lifecycle.

The 27-year-old SA jockey appeared on After the Last and spoke of her love for horses since childhood, her work rehoming horses, and of the two she keeps as pets.

“Zorro is my old standard-bred, he’s 21 this year,” Eran told hosts Jason Richardson and Brent Zerafa.

“I got him when he was a five-year-old. I re-educated him and he’s been with me ever since.

“(I) did a lot of competitions. We actually did show jumping, believe it or not.

“He’s one of them, and my other horse, Dashagh, he’s the ex-racehorse. He gets quite a bit of media attention. I post quite a few selfies of him and me on Twitter and Instagram.

“Those two boys are the love of my life.”

To illustrate the point, Eran’s Twitter feed includes a photo of her with Dashagh, accompanied by these words:

“My 21st Birthday present (a few years ago) was a horse who I fell in love with as a 16 yo girl who just started work in a racing stable. I was lucky to ride Dashagh as an apprentice later on for 2 wins. Now he has his forever home with me.”

Eran told After the Last that she had rehomed a number of horses over the years.

“And I think when I do retire from being a jockey I’ll put some more time and focus into rehoming thoroughbreds, definitely,” she said.

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