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Horse exercise confirmed during lockdown

The Directions under the Emergency Management Act 2004 were updated overnight and they have taken into consideration our submission regarding the care and exercising of horses.

The relevant sections as they apply to our industry are provided below:



In this direction –

essential worker means a person who performs work that is essential for the continued operation of any of the following:

(ze)     primary industries only to the extent necessary to ensure adequate supply of food to, and care of, crops and animals.

7—Leaving home for care and other compassionate reasons

A person may leave home -

(f)      to ensure adequate supply of food to, and care and exercise of, animals that are situated away from home if no other person is available at that place to provide the food, care or exercise.

8—Leaving home—essential workers

A person may leave home for the purpose of undertaking duties as an essential worker.


This means trainers and their employees are defined as essential workers under the Direction and can attend stables and training venues to provide care and adequate exercise for the horses that are in stables and boxes. Club staff essential to open, close and maintain training venues can attend their respective training venue.

Exercising horses for the next six days will be restricted to sand and artificial tracks, there will be no grass gallops.

All social distancing requirements must be observed when horses are being fed and provided adequate exercise.

All persons attending stables and training venues for the purpose of providing care and adequate exercise for horses upon leaving home or residence must go straight to their stable and/or training venue, undertake the necessary activities required and upon completion immediately leave and return straight to their home or residence.

We again thank you all for working with TRSA as we navigate the next six days.

We thank the Office of the Minister for Recreation, Sport and Racing as well as the State Co-ordinator, Grantley Stevens and the team at SAPOL, and relevant Health Officials for attending to this critical animal welfare matter so promptly.


Nick Redin

Chief Executive Officer

Thoroughbred Racing SA Ltd

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