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James Jordan's Track Report and Speed Maps


Track walked at 2pm Thursday 16 June 2022.

Winning Post-1600m: There's a significant contrast between the inside two lanes and lanes wider than that. Obviously with the rail going back into the True position for the first time since March 5th the fence is very fresh compared to out wide. Plenty of wear and fill out wider but the fence should race very well. I didn't think it was any worse than a '5' rating. 

1600m-1000m: Similar to the previous section in that the inside two lanes are in very different condition to the wider lanes. It's must easier to walk through the wider lanes as the fence is lush and has a thick pad of grass under foot but with any rain they'll really get stuck into it out wide. Expecting the fence to be superior ground, didn't think it was any worse than a '5' here either. 

1000m-800m: Only a small section here but it covers the area where they turn out of the back straight. The contrast between the fence and out wider is less pronounced here. I would say there's three to four lanes of fresher ground towards the fence. Again, didn't walk like wet ground. 

1200m-800m (chute): Slightly cleaner towards the fence here, but out wider is still in reasonably good condition. Just into the Soft 5 range but should race well, minor leaning to the inside three lanes. 

800m-400m: Hard up on the fence has a tendency to chop out a touch but at present it's in good order so keep an eye on the first few races to see if that changes. I felt the inside four lanes were all pretty good and would be the best part of the track. Out wider has more wear and tear from previous meetings and that might make it hard for the swoopers if they peel out too far. 

400m-Winning Post: Similar to the previous section I thought there were enough good lanes towards the inside for this section to race well. I would be a little worried about peeling beyond lane 4 or 5 but anything inside of that will race quite well. Didn't walk like genuine wet ground to me and I thought would race in the '5' range. 

Verdict: The rail moves back into the True position for the first time since March 5 and the meetings since then have been in the 4m (twice), 8m and 11m position for the meeting last Monday. Walking the track is very evident to see there's clean ground toward the fence, particularly from the winning post to the 1000m mark where the inside two lanes are much cleaner. From the 1000m to the winning post I thought the inside four lanes were all in pretty good order, including the chute. I'm expecting horses on speed to have an edge in the chute races, and around the circle I'd rather back horses that map towards the fence as well. If the northerly blows there's a chance those leading up the back straight are softened up but being on the fence will help to negate that. The track is currently rated a Soft 6 but I didn't think it was that bad, I am working off a '5' rating and wouldn't be too concerned about identifying wet-trackers. 


Speed maps for all races can be found here.


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